Karana Ocean Pack Dry Bags information

Ocean Pack Dry Bag from Karana - The original Dry Bags among dry tubes and dry sacks

Oceanpack.se selling Karana's protective packing bags and waterproof back packs. The product is the original used worldwide of active people in various situations. The waterproof bags are popular among backpackers and people on the move, boaters and other marine environments such as kayaking, trekking and camping outdoors.

Packing tips, examples of spaciousness and what type of luggage that will fit in the different sizes will be publised under each category shortly.


Difference between Ocean Pack Dry Bag by Karana and cheaper copies

There is a difference between Dry Bags and Dry Bags. We have compared a 10-liter Ocean Pack from Karana as well as a competitor's bag with equivalent packing volume. Both bags have been on travel and real adventure around the world.


Buckles, clips and straps

The Ocean Pack bags have locking clips and plastic parts in Duraflex material focusing on highest durability in powerful use. What we have seen in comparing competitor bags is that many bag types have clips of thin plastic, usually thinner ABS material.

More product information will be published shortly.