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Ocean Pack Dry Bag Original 6 Liter Blue - Original design model from Karana. Protects your belongings from water and moisture, sand, dust and dirt. Highest possible quality and designed for all kind of heavy user situations.

Color: Blue
Packing volume: 6 liters
Dimensions height/diameter: 38 cm / 19 cm
Width of the detachable shoulder strap: 2,5 cm
Weight including strap: 300 grams

  • Powerful material of 3 layer Tarpaulin PVC
  • Electrically welded waterproof seams (EWS)
  • Top feed with waterproof RDL closure (Roll-Down Lock)
  • Powerful lock clips & plastic buckles from Duraflex®

Waterproof back pack, pack sack bag with shoulder strap that is designed and developed for powerful and heavy usage situations. All Ocean Pack Dry Bags are made of Tarpaulin PVC, which is a tough and durable material that resists punctures and tears from sharp edges and objects. The bags from Karana are also made with EWS system (Electronic Welding Seam) ensuring sustainable and 100% tight joints that protects the contents of the pack bags. The bag comes with powerful straps, lockings and adjustable and detachable shoulder strap that are guaranteed to last.

The opening is located at the top of the dry bag for convenient use in demanding situations. Each Ocean Pack bag has RDL Systems (Roll-Down Locking) to saftely close, seal and protect the luggage from water, sand, dust and dirt with heavy plastic buckles on the top of the dry bag.

If you filling the half bag with content, you can easily compress the volume of the bag through to roll the edge of the bag several times when you close it. This will reducing the air and secure the content into fixed position.

Normal delivery time within Sweden are 2-5 working days.

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